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Hello Saturn Return

Or is that just what we call it

Its been a rough month but also an incredible one. I got into it with a few friends, when I haven’t had friend drama for years. I made a mistake, mistakes were made at my expense, Im changing and growing and learning to forgive myself for things. I still have this looming feeling of having to see all my woes from the opposing view just to be prepared for that view to come up in life and it makes it hard to move. But Im letting the days be the guide, not the projection of how many. Im going with the wind and dust, elevating until air is me.

Its not a smooth ride but what did we come to earth for?

The woods poem

The woods know the rain from the breeze giving in

Like towers of the Milky Way

Untied to those sacred messages, the fungi disappear and our phone lines go with them

Its not always the rain that isn't right, but how we drink when droplets touch like magma on the stem

The roots already saw it coming

Thats how they fight with thirst

and become tall

And become strong

And become facts

Its not until a thunderstorm that the earth is cured of knowing

When a strike lifts the bark from many years of holding rest

The shatter

Is welcome to the cordyceps

And here we are again

Making life new

My anxiety is a learning experience

A crumbling ladder on which movement is the only invitation to heartbeats

Stepping stones.

I look down and the debris have made an opening;

accountability is in cursive on the fragile door at the bottom of our holy swamp

Welcome the water that the forest knows best

we're known for love and Im integrating

Growth is uncomfortable

Buckle down

And make it fashion


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