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I change my hair a lot. Here is a hair appreciation post as an offering to the part of me that is detail oriented and always making things new ⛰

Did you know hair holds energy ?

Me and symbolism are in a committed relationships so here is the symbolism of this LEWK for all you deep depths wide brain folk.

I was on a transformational trip in the sacred valley with @illuminatingcolor and a lot was released into my hair and the hair I had put in before I left

(@hairbymiloo on the long braids).

So when it started to feel more heavy than pretty, I chopped it. After I chopped it I had the urge to put it in these chunky braid things and make bangs. I received an ancestral messaag a few days prior about shifting into my duality as a super power, rather than feeling pressure to be one thing over another.

Chopping my hair this time was me cutting the excess that made me uncomfortable and then weaving together what was left to create something brand new. Love that 4 me.

Then the chunky braids started to twist and turn into shapes I thought looked busted.

So I took them out.

Duality is a constant just like change. Balance is constantly needing to be readdressed as one side gains knowledge, as the other side grows, etc. so I wasn't gonna keep it in just because I had spent time on it. The lewk had Lewked. Even if it was just for a couple hours.

I unbraided it and just let it be a short bob.

A day later the bangs started buggin so I took them out at a hotspring in the beginning of the amazon jungle. I let it look crazy half protective style half Afro for a day while we traveled and embraced the feeling of 'in transit' on my head and in my physical space.

Duality is not a constant spotlight on both sides, its being comfortable with the work it takes to honor whatever side of you is making its appearance, desiring attention, and nurturing balance in that moment. Since I didn't bring conditioner, thinking I'd have a protective style the whole time, I had to stay with my dirty hair for a couple days. Looking at it, feeling it, recognizing what it had been through.

The night before my flight I was able to wash it, and I came back from my trip with no extensions hanging onto my head, with just the many different textures of curls I was born with. I still need to do a deep condition. The symbolism continues. And I'm so grateful for every lewk I pulled.



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